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How Much Does Solar Panel Bird Proofing Cost?

By:Michael Johns

birdproofing solar panels

Solar panels go on rooftops.

Birds like to nest high up on rooftops.

Solar panels and birds do not go well together.

Those are the facts.

So you’re not alone in thinking about bird proofing your solar panels.

It’s a good idea to prevent a number of problems including bird nests, dropping, and system damage.

The only thing that might be holding you back is the cost of bird proofing solar panels.

So let’s take a look at solar panel bird proofing costs and whether it’s worth the expense.

What Does Solar Panel Bird Proofing Involve?

You are best to hire an expert when attempting to birdproof your solar panels. Although it may cost more, it will ensure the job is carried out safely with no danger to humans or animals. It can sometimes be tricky to remove birds and the mess they cause. Solar panels are slightly raised on mounts which leaves a gap for animals to nest under and stay protected from the element.

Plus, you’ll get a professional job to ensure pigeons stay clear of your equipment in future.

There’s three main tasks to undertake to complete the job:

  1. Removing existing nests and birds.
  2. Cleaning any debris, dirt, and mess. This includes using biocide to remove mites and faeces.
  3. Mounting the bird proof netting and spikes to keep birds out.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing Cost

If you have a problem with birds then it will be worth the expense of adding bird proofing. 

This is because ignoring the issue will likely result in costly damage to your equipment including damage to wiring, junction boxes, and solar cells. Adding to this, you will encounter excessive bird poo on the face of your solar panels which reduces efficiency (or increased cleaning costs!)

You can expect to pay at least $700 for a small to medium sized system with costs increasing to $1000 – $3000 for more complex jobs. The price will depend on the size of the job including the amount of cleaning and preparation needed. Then the size of bird proofing netting and spikes your solar panels require.

If you’re looking to add bird proofing to your solar panels you should contact your local pest controller or solar panel installers for more information. 

How to Keep Birds Away From Solar Panels

Along with solar panel skirting, you can do a number of things to reduce the risk of birds getting at your solar panels.

  1. Ensure the surrounding area and garden is kept clean. Remove any sticks and twigs that birds use to build nests. This includes keeping gutters clean.
  2. Don’t feed animals. Bird feeders or access to bins will lure birds towards your house. Keep food away from the birds and they will likely nest elsewhere.
  3. Bird scarers can help to keep birds well away from your property. They are like scarecrows for your solar panels and roof. They look like scary birds of prey to ward off smaller animals.

Final Words on Solar Panel Bird Proofing Cost

Spending $700 or $1000 on getting your solar panels protected from birds is well worth the investment.

Ignoring the issue is likely to cost you more than this in the long run when you take into account repairs and efficiency reduction.

Having a professional installation ensures everything is clean and working correctly before the guards are put in place.

Adding to this, you can take extra steps, like using a fake bird of prey, to ward off pigeons and similar small to medium sized birds.