Michael Johns – Off-Grid Power Expert

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Hi, I’m Michael, the editor here at Watt A Lot.

After years of experience with off-grid power like solar panels, inverters, and batteries I decided I should share my hands-on knowledge with you.

Why bother?

Well, if you’ve ever looked up information on these subjects you’ll find complex, conflicting, and confusing answers to your questions.

I was fed up and frustrated with rubbish information, so I decided to fix the problem!

Whether you’re looking to install solar panels on your RV or wondering what size inverter you need, you’ll find real-world information in my articles.

Here’s a little taster of what I’m up too:


You’ll benefit from two decades of experience I have in professional work and personal projects 

I have worked in a number of mobile businesses, from events in remote locations to running my own food truck. When you’re working without access to the electricity grid, keeping things powered up is crucial. You can’t afford to have a fault in your system or equipment.

Adding to this, a traveling wanderlust has given me the experience of DIY campervan conversions, boating adventures, and extended backpacking trips.

Check out pictures of adventures and projects:

All of these experiences have given me an in-depth knowledge of off-grid power. Whether it’s finding the best products or fixing an electrical problem, you can rest assured my advice comes from real hands-on experience.

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