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How Many Watts Does a 9 Inch Fan Use?

By:Michael Johns

9 inch fan wattage

If you’re working at your desk through a hot summer then a small 9 inch fan is a great way to keep cool.

They’re particularly useful if you don’t have an air-con unit or it is not worth the expense to run one while you’re working.

Adding to this, 9 inch fans are compact in size making them incredibly portable which is ideal for things like travel, camping, RVs, trucks, and boats.

If you are using a fan for any of these reasons you might be wondering how many watts a 9 inch fan uses? It’s very important to calculate how many watts you will be drawing if you have a limited supply from things like power inverters, leisure batteries, and solar panels.

How Many Watts Does a 9 Inch Fan Use?

The average 9 inch fan uses between 30 and 80 watts depending on what fan and speed setting you use.

For example, the CCC COMFORT ZONE fan uses a constant 45 watts whereas the Holmes Blizzard 9″ has 3-speed setting which ranges from 40 – 70 watts output.

This makes a 9 inch fan a very efficient way to stay cool compared to larger options or air conditioning. You could easily run this sort of fan from a 100 watt inverter or solar panel.

Where Can You Use A 9 inch Fan?

Thanks to this low power output and compact size these fans are awesome to use for traveling. 

With the help of a small power inverter, you could mount them on the dashboard of your car or truck to stay cool on long journeys.

If you love adventure, take your fan camping – it can get hot in a tent in the summer so add a 9 inch fan to your off-grid power setup to create a breeze in your tent.

Many people use these small fans on a desk to stay while working. They have the added benefit of being quiet to use so won’t interrupt your zoom calls.

Finally, you can happily use these fans around the home in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. They offer a low energy way to create a breeze through your home to keep cool on a hot summer’s day.

Calculating How Many Watts A 9 Inch Fan Uses?

Finding out the wattage of any appliance is a relatively easy task if you know how to do it!

In fact, I’m going to give you three ways to find the exact wattage of a 9 inch fan.

Let’s start with some simple maths. To calculate the wattage you just need to multiply voltage by amps. For example, a fan may use 0.5 amps and 120 volts. So the equation is 0.5 x 120 = 60 watts. You should be able to find all this technical information included with the product.

If you want something easier, you could simply buy a wattmeter which you plug your fan into in order to find the wattage. These are super handy little machines you can use on all your appliances in the future!

Finally, most products should list the wattage in the product information which you can check before buying.

Way To Reduce Energy Usage Of A 9 Inch Fan

If you’re worried about the total energy used by your electronics there are a few easy ways to reduce the electricity you consume. 

  1. Use the lowest power setting to reduce the wattage used. Often fans have 3 speed settings, always use the lowest to reduce power.
  2. Turn it off when not in use. We all forget to turn electronics off these days. Make an effort to turn your fan off when you leave the room.
  3. Open your windows to make the breeze from your fan more effective and keep your house cool.
  4. Close your blinds in the middle of the day, this will help to keep the heat of the sun out and reduce your reliance on cooling fans.

Factors to Consider When Buying A 9 Inch Fan

If you’re planning on buying a 9 inch fan then there’s a number of things to think about in order to find the best product.


As you must be aware by now, the wattage of your fan can play an important role if you have a limited power supply or want to reduce bills. If you’re looking for a low wattage option then take the time to find the most efficient option. The wattage of a 9 inch fan will generally range between 30 – 80 watts.

Speed Settings 

The big feature to consider is what speed settings you want. The main choice is between single speed and 3 speed. 

Single-speed fans provide a no-fuss option that you can just turn on a get going. 

Most people prefer 3 speed fans as it gives you more flexibility in how much breeze you want to create. Plus you can adjust the speed to account for other factors like power consumed and noise.


The great news is that these fans are all very small and compact. If you have a particular use in mind such as desk space or in a vehicle then take a few seconds to measure the space you have available. Although, some products may be listed as a 9-inch fan, quite often they vary in height and width when you take into account the protective shell and motor.


The final thing to consider is noise. You might forget that a lot of fans create noise which can be frustrating when trying to sleep or on a phone call. If noise is an issue, look for a product that offers silent usage. Or choose a multiple-speed fan so you can turn to a lower setting to reduce noise levels.

Final words

Well there you have it, everything you could want to know. On average you’ll find that a 9 inch fan uses between 30 and 80 watts, which is not a lot of energy making them ideal for traveling, vehicles, and desks.