Group 46 Battery [Uses, Size, and Replacements]

By:Michael Johns

Group 46 battery

On this page, you will learn about BCI group 46 batteries including dimensions, uses, and equivalent replacements.

If you’re researching these batteries then you might be having a hard time finding much information. This is because they have a limited amount of uses and many retailers won’t even stock this exact group size.

But don’t worry.

Below we will go through everything together to give you a clear understanding of group 46 batteries and how to find a solution to your problem.

⚡BCI Group 46 Key Facts⚡

  • Length: 10 ¾ inch
  • Width: 6 13/16 inch
  • Height: 9 inch
  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • 12V
  • 400 – 600 CCA
  • WET, AGM
  • Starting / Cranking

What is a Group 46 Battery?

BCI group 46 are mid-sized batteries most commonly built for starting and cranking gas engines.

Measuring nearly 10 inches long and 7 inches wide they can produce around 400 – 600 CCA.

They are rare to find these days. No passenger cars are known to use them for starting. More often you see them used in unique ATVs, farm vehicles, or custom DIY projects. 

ATV in the sun

If you’re looking for one, you’ll struggle to find one at a local auto parts dealer. You might need to contact your vehicle manufacturer directly for advice, ask it to be ordered specially, or try a similar size like 24F.

 Looking online, they are hard to find even at specialist retailers. 

BCI Group 46 Dimensions and Weight

The dimensions of a group 46 battery are:

  • Length: 10 ¾ inches (273mm)
  • Width: 6 13/16 inches (173mm)
  • Height: 9 inches (229mm)
  • Average Weight: 35lbs (16kg)
Group 46 Battery Dimensions

Chemistry Type and Application

Group 46 are usually built as traditional flooded lead acid batteries, plus you might find them as AGM for off-road vehicles.

Due to minimal use manufacturers don’t bother with lithium equivalents. 

The only application they are manufactured for is starting and cranking engines. Don’t bother trying to use one for deep cycle or marine use. Firstly, no manufacturers make them for this application. It is much easier to use a more common deep cycle battery size so replacement is simple.

Group 46 vs 24F Batteries

Group 46 and 24F batteries are often compared and used as replacement equivalents. This is because they share the same dimensions and applications. 

Take a look at the comparison below. You’ll see that there is no difference between any of the dimensions. This means you can use a group 24F in a group 46 battery compartment. In addition, 24F is regularly made as a lead acid starting battery. So if you’re struggling to find a group 46, simply look for a 24F instead.

GroupLength (inch)Width (inch)Height (inch)
24F10 3/46 13/169
4610 3/46 13/169


What car uses a group 46 battery?

No passenger cars use a group 46 battery. It is more common to find one in a farm vehicle or ATV.

How many CCA is a group 46 battery?

It has between 400 – 600 cold cranking amps.


I hope the information above helps to answer your questions about BCI group 46 batteries.

As you have discovered, they are rarely used in vehicles these days. Certainly, you won’t find them in normal cars or as RV electricity systems. Mostly, they are limited to starting gas powered engines in custom ATVs or farm vehicles.

If you’re looking to buy a group 46 then speak to a battery specialist directly to have one ordered in. Or you could use a group 24F battery which has the same dimensions. Just be sure to match the chemistry type and application to your current battery.