500 Watt Power Inverter (What You Can Run & Top Products)

By:Michael Johns

500 watt inverter

When it comes to a power inverter that is as useful for your car as it is for your home, then nothing beats the utility of a 500 watt inverter. 

As you probably know, an inverter converts a simple 12-volt direct current into higher voltage alternating currents. It enables you to run all sorts of devices and appliances just like you would from the main grid electricity supply.

The capcity inverter depends on its wattage. With a good quality power inverter, you’ll be able to charge portable devices like laptops, phones, or tablets. In addition, it also gives you the freedom to run small to medium appliances like refrigerators, lighting, fans, and TVs.

In this article, you’ll find everything you really need to know on the topic from the best 500 watt inverter reviews to answers to your biggest questions.

So let’s jump straight in.

What Will a 500 Watt Inverter Run?

Wondering what appliances you can power with a 500 watt inverter?

It’s a good question and important to understand before you purchase your inverter. The best thing about a 500 watt power inverter is that it offers an unbeatable balance of portability and power. You can use it in a car during a road trip or with a leisure battery during a power outage. You are able to run a wide selection of electronics including laptops, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, small fridges, games consoles, TVs, plus even tools and medical equipment.

You will comfortably be able to run a single device or multip devices up to a maximum output of around 480 watts – inverters are not 100% efficient so you should always use one with a slightly bigger capacity than you need.

To give you a better idea of what you can run, I have put together a list of appliances and average wattage:

32 inch TV50-80
Clock radio2-5
Small refrigerator 60 – 250
60 Watt Light Bulb60 (duh…)
Small blender300-400
Games console (PS5)70-200

To work out the wattage of any device you can check the user manual, use a wattmeter, or do a simple calculation. To calculate wattage you simply need to multiple Volts x Amps. For example, 120V x 2A = 240W.

What to Look for Before You Buy?

When you plan to buy a 500 watt power inverter, you should look for four important things.

Sine Wave – The first is pure sine wave or modified sine wave inverters. Modern devices like LED TVs, tools, and medical equipment often require a smooth flow of voltage and power supply. A pure sine wave inverter will enable you to run a wider range of sensitive home appliances. Modified sine wave inverters are cheaper and will do a great job of charging portable devices like phones and laptops.

Output – The next thing to consider is the claimed wattage. There are many low-price inverters claiming to be 500 watt power inverters. But, the actual watts they produce are far less or they can’t handle high loads for long periods of time. If you use cheap knock-off inverters you can end up with less power, they can damage your devices and even be a safety threat. Make sure you pick a product with reliable performance.

Outlets – The third important thing you should look for is the number of ports. This includes AC ports and USB charging hubs. This is important because the more outlets your inverter has, the more devices it can run or charge. Especially, when you are on a long trip or camping, you will require many ports for the whole family. 

Durability – Last but not least is the durability and what other people have to say about it. There are many brands and all types of devices. If you plan on using your inverter regularly, then choosing a heavy-duty product will serve you well in the long run. Look for high-quality materials like aluminum casing, plus make sure to check first-hand consumer reviews.

Price – So how much does a 500 watt inverter cost? Well, for a decent quality product you can expect to pay between $40 and $80. This price difference does reflect the equipment you will get. For example, in the $40 price range, you’ll be getting a basic modified sine wave option whereas for around $70 you can get a pure sine wave option.

To save your time, our team has done extensive research based on the above-mentioned criteria. And thus, we were able to list the top 500 watt power inverters that you can buy today.

Best 500 Watt Inverter Reviews

1. BESTEK 500W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Kicking things off is a 500W pure sine wave inverter to power any of your small electronics.

BESTEK is America’s #1 brand when it comes to inverters. The BESTEK 500W inverter provides you with 500 watts of continuous power and 1000 watts of surge power. It comes equipped with 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports for quick charging. 

This is a powerful device to convert the 12V DC of your vehicle battery to 110V AC power. The dual AC outlets are great to charge larger devices like laptops, lighting, mini-fridges, fans, and others that are under 500 watts. Plus the dual USB ports are suitable for charging devices like mobile phones and tablets. 

Overall a great device you can carry in your carry for vacations, camping, or long journeys. The device offers multi-protection features. It has two 40amps fuses keeping the inverters and battery safe during use. It uses safe charge technology to stop the device protected from overheating, overcharging, short circuits, and voltage fluctuations. An inbuilt smart cooling fan is quiet and removes heat generated during use. The fan even rotates at different speeds according to the device’s power which helps reduce noise. 

This inverter comes with a 27.5 inches long car cigarette lighter plug cord and can easily reach all corners of your car. It also has a pair of alligator battery clamps to directly hook to your 12V battery. A perfect choice for camping, outdoors and long drives, you’ll never fall short of full power.


  • Modified Sine Wave Inverter
  • 2 AC 110V outlets
  • 2 Smart USB ports
  • Advanced Multi-protection
  • Quiet Smart cooling fan
  • Solid aluminum alloy housing


  • Struggles on full load for long periods

2. POTEK 500W Car Power Inverter

Second on this list is a useful option for those on a tight budget.

The POTEK 500W car power inverter is designed to give 500 watts of continuous power and 1000 watts of surge power. The inverter converts 12V DC power to 110V AC power. 

You’ll benefit from one 2A USB port and 2 AC outlets so you can run multiple appliances and charge phones at the same time. You can use the ports to run devices like mobile phones, DVD players, small TV, laptops, and other small electronic appliances. The device is ultra-compact and lightweight so you can easily carry it or store it in your vehicle. 

A perfect travel accessory for all your charging needs on the go. This high-efficiency device comes with multi-protection features and the device is protected from high voltage, low voltage, short circuits, and power overload. The device is fitted with a cooling fan that works silently to reduce heat. The fan starts automatically if the device temperature reaches 104 degrees centigrade of load touches 200W. 

The inverter is fitted with 2 external fuses that can be easily replaced in case of need. To make it easy to install, it comes with a car cigarette socket plug and battery clamps. Keep yourself powered up on a road trip or for a vacation. Relax when you need the power to charge devices on the go.


  • Multi-purpose charging
  • Multi-protection features
  • Built-in smart cooling fan
  • Compact and Lightweight


  • Gets warm on high-load

3. Kinverch 500W Continuous Car Power Inverter

This Kinverch inverter is a powerful device delivering 500 watts of continuous power and 1000 watts of peak power. The practical device converts 12V DC to 110V AC power for your electronic devices. The device is fitted with two AC outlets and one 2A USB port. 

You can use these to power devices like laptops, mobiles, small TVs, kindle, game consoles, and many other small appliances. The shell is made of an aluminum casing keeping the device lightweight while protecting it from accidental falls and bumps. The device is extremely portable and is perfect for work trips, camping, and vacations, or anytime you need power. 

Fall in love with its extremely simple and user-friendly design, including an inbuilt smart cooling fan. The cooling fan starts when the load increases and gives a silent using experience. The inverter also has LED lights that show its working status. Two 30amps external fuses ensure the device’s protection from voltage fluctuations, short circuits, and high temperature. 

Enjoy the easy installation and flexibility of two power options. You can connect it directly to the battery with the help of alligator clips or plug it into the car cigarette lighter socket. Carry or store it easily in your car to enjoy power anywhere you need.


  • Modified sine wave
  • Powerful and practical
  • Safety protection features
  • User-friendly design


  • Extension cord too small

4. Energizer 500 Watts Power Inverter

The team at Energizer brings you a modified sine wave power inverter converting your 12V vehicle battery to 120V AC power. The inverter comes with six charging ports. Its 2 AC outlets can easily charge large devices like laptops and TVs. It also has four USB ports of 2.4A each that can charge small electronic devices like mobile phones and kindles for the whole family!. 

Quickly power your devices on the go by plugging into your car cigarette lighter socket or use the alligator clips to directly connect the inverter to the vehicle battery. The inverter has a silent thermal fan that operates when the device temperature rises and cools the device effectively. 

Adding to this, the unit also has a smart protection chip that gives it a multi-protection feature. You’ll be safe from damage in the event of short circuits, power overloads, high voltage, and low voltage. 

If you are traveling for vacation, work, or even camping, this device is a faithful workhorse to keep everyone fully charged. 


  • 2 AC & 4 USB ports
  • Ultra silent thermal fan
  • Dual connection options
  • Heavy-duty performance


  • Durability and build quality are questionable

5. YSOLX 500 Watt Power Inverter

This YSOLX inverter is a premium inverter delivering 500 watts of continuous power and 1000 watts of peak power for larger devices. The inverter comes with 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports. These 2 AC outlets are grounded and provide 500w power on each. The unit is ideal to power your laptops, small TV sets, Christmas lights, and other small appliances. 

The two USB ports are fitted with a built-in smart chip to identify the device attached and provide a maximum charge up to 2.1A on each. With the USB ports, you can charge most compatible phones and tablets at the same time. You’ll happily be able to charge your devices on the go. Great for vacations and outdoor activities. The inverter comes with a cigarette lighter adapter and alligator clamps to directly connect to the battery. Make it a part of your emergency travel kit and never worry about power again. 

For your protection, there are many safety features included. Its safe charging design keeps it safe from voltage fluctuations, short circuits, and overheating. It has green and red LED lights showing the working status of the inverter. 

The device is ultra-compact due to its design, easily fitting into your car console. It comes with a 16-inch cord that can easily take it to the back seats of your car for more convenience. Provides complete safety from power shortages, low and high voltage, short circuits, and overheating with the built-in fuse. Plug it in the car cigarette socket or clip to the battery directly, the device gives you complete peace of mind and required power on the go.


  • Safety options
  • Intelligent and Silent fan
  • Compact and user-friendly design


  • Connection cord is small

6. BMK 500W Pure Sine Wave Car Inverter

The BMK 500W pure sine car inverter is a premium device to convert your car’s 12V DC power to 110V AC power. The main advantage of a pure sine wave inverter is that it is superior to any modified sine wave inverter as it provides a smoother voltage supply to used with power-sensitive equipment. 

This inverter provides 500 watts of continuous power and 1000 watts of surge power with greater drive capability and less power consumption. Enjoy complete flexibility with 2 AC outlets controlled by an on/off switch for better safety. You can use these outlets for devices like laptops, TVs, and lights. Charge phones from two USB 2.4A ports and 1 Type-C port.

With the multi-protection features, you get 100% safety from overheating, overvoltage, low voltage, short circuits. The inverter is programmed to automatically shut down if the load exceeds 500 watts. Forget all your charging needs on the road, during outdoor activities like camping or traveling. The device is ideal for laptops, digital cameras, nebulizers, game consoles, and many other electronic devices. The device comes with a cigarette lighter cable and a battery clip for quick connection. 


  • Pure Sine Wave Power Car Inverter
  • Multi-Protection
  • Widely useful
  • Ideal for medical equipment


  • Struggles on full load

7. ALLWEI 500W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Another pure sine wave inverter on the list is the ALLWEI 500W inverter. It provides a continuous power of 500 watts and up to 1000 watts of surge power. It converts your vehicle’s 12V DC power to 110V AC power. You can use this pure sine wave inverter to power all kinds of devices including current sensitive equipment like LED TVs or medical use. It has 2 AC outlets, one Type-C USB port, dual 2.4A USB ports, and one 55x21mm DC output. 

The USB ports can detect the plugged-in device to provide optimal charging speed. The unit is easy to use, just plug it in the 12V cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle and you are good to go. Day or night, you will never fall short of power anywhere. Happily power devices like laptops, mobile phones, electric lights, TVs, DVD players, and many more. 

This inverter is made up of durable aluminum alloy shell and ABS fire resistance material to provide extra safety from any mishappening or accidental falls. With the built-in cooling fan and fuse, the device is safe from overcharging, overheating, high voltage, low voltage, and short circuits. The device automatically shuts down in case of power overload. 

You can also use it directly with the alligator clips to connect to your battery when camping, or for any outdoor power needs. The device is small, lightweight, and compact to be your must-have car accessory for your travel needs.


  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Multi-protection features
  • Durable Aluminum Alloy case


  • Heavy

8. Cobra Power 500W Power Inverter

For a top heavy-duty option, then this could solve your problems.

Cobra Power 500W is a modified sine wave inverter designed for 500 watts of continuous power and 1000 watts of surge power. Ideal to power devices like laptops, mobile phones, TVs, DVD players, Kindle devices, and other similar electronic equipment. This inverter has 2 GFCI protected AC outlets to easily charge 2 devices simultaneously.

It also has one 3.0A USB-A and one USB Type-C port for fast charging. You can charge mobile phones, kindles, and other devices right in your car. The inverter comes with 16 inches #12 AWG and 12V cables for connecting directly to the car battery or the cigarette lighter socket.  Enjoy protection on 5 levels from high temperature, low voltage, high voltage, reverse polarity, and low voltage cutoff. 

This small and lightweight is remote-controlled compatible is an ideal travel companion to fulfill your power-related needs anywhere, on a road trip, vacation, or on a campsite.


  • Cobra Remote controller compatible
  • GFCI protected AC outlets
  • Heavy-duty cables
  • Pentagon protection safety


  • Not remote control compatible

9. Cartman 500W Car Power Inverter

This inverter from Cartman gives 500 watts of continuous AC power and 1000 watts of peak power. The device converts the 12V DC power of the battery to 110V AC power. Benefits from the versatility with 2 AC outlets and one 2.1A USB port for quick charging. Its multi-protection features include complete protection from power overloads, short circuits, overcharging, low voltage, and high voltage. 

It’s perfect to power a vast range of electronic equipment like TVs, mobile phones, kindles, game consoles, and others. Whether you are traveling in your car, or on a vacation, the device is perfect for all your power-related needs. 

The inbuilt fan and ventilator opening on the sides of the unit effectively dissipate heat after long usage. Carry the device in your car for camping or fieldwork or use it indoors during a power outage. 

This inverter is durable and made of a sturdy ABS shell to protect from crashes and accidental falls. Its intelligent system and the smart display show the DC input voltage, AC output. You can connect the inverter with your car cigarette lighter socket or with the vehicle battery using alligator clamps. The device is a must-have in your emergency travel kit.


  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Silent Cooling Fan
  • Intelligent Smart display


  • Only one USB port

Tips for Installing an Inverter

With a 500W power inverter, you have the option of using it inside a vehicle via the 12V outlet or directly hooking up to a battery.

To connect to your 12V outlet in your car you simply need to plug in using the supplied cigarette lighter plug cable. One this to be aware of is that you will usually only be able to draw 150 watts from this outlet.

If you want to benefit from the full capacity then you will need to hook up directly to a leisure or vehicle starter battery. To do this you can use alligator clips by connecting the black cable to the black battery terminal (negative to negative) and red cable to red battery terminal (positive to positive.)

If using a vehicle starter battery, be sure to keep the engine running while the inverter is connected otherwise you will deplete your battery quickly. This could leave you unable to start your engine leaving you stranded!

FAQs related to 500 watt power inverters

Are these inverters rechargeable? 

500 watt power inverters do not have their own inbuilt batteries. They run on your car or leisure batteries. Therefore, these inverters are not rechargeable. 

How many batteries do I need for a 500 watt inverter?

These are not huge power inverters so it is unlikely you will need a huge battery supply to run your appliances and devices. Of course, the more energy storage you have the longer you can draw power. A single 50Ah or 100Ah should be good.

Can I run my Xbox on a 500 watt inverter?

Yes, an Xbox uses between 50 – 200 watts so will run on a 500 watt inverter.

Will a 500 watt inverter run a computer?

You should be able to run the average computer and monitor with 500 watts. More powerful gaming computers might struggle when drawing full load.

Can I run a microwave on a 500 watt power inverter?

No. Microwaves usually use 700 watts at the least plus need a high peak power. They cannot run on a 500 watt inverter. You’ll need 2000+ watts for a microwave.

What is a no load power draw for a power inverter?

The power consumed by the inverter when it is connected to your cigarette lighter plug or the power source is called “no load” power consumption.  Although, there is no device connected to your inverter. Some also call it standby power consumption. 

500 Watt Inverter Summary

So there’s you have it, everything you need to know about 500 watt inverters.

If you’ve read this far then you’ll have a decent idea of whether the product is right for you, and even the best product for your needs.

Still not sure? Then you can rely on the review list above to find and select the best option to keep you powered up off the grid.

There are other power options available to if this isn’t quite right, take a look at the 400 watt and 1000 watt guides instead.

Thanks for reading.