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Our Expertise

Solar Panels

Looking to install solar panels on your home? Perhaps you want electricity in remote location or vehicle? Get advice on your next solar array.

Power Inverters

Get access to AC electricity, anywhere, anytime. An inverter is crucial to your off-grid power system. Make sure you're energy supply is running smoothly.


Store your energy to use later. The right battery makes all the difference. You'll be able to store your solar power, run your RV appliances, or even create a home back-up power supply.

Electrical Knowledge

Can you clearly explain what a Watt is? Or do you know how much power your circular saw uses?

Find all your answers here.

Your Off-Grid Power Guide and Consultant

Watt A Lot is your guide to off-grid power, remote living, and renewable energy. Find ways to keep powered up when there’s no electricity.

Our team have hands-on expertise including qualified electricians, solar installers, vanlifers, avid campers, RV owners, and eco-conscious consumers. 

In our united journey, we’ve discovered so many products, ideas, tools, projects, and tips to share with you.